Neofinetia falcata ‘Keiga’ 慶賀

Neofinetia falcata ‘Keiga’ 慶賀

Purchased from Flora Peculia at Montreal OrchidExpo in March 2019. It came with one main variegated growth and two small solid green ones.

Since then it produced 4 more solid green fans and finally during theyear 2020 growing season it created two variegated fans.

Keiga is a very dynamic variety where variegation changes from growth to growth and can disappear completely. My plant is probably the worst representative of the variety because main growth variegation looks a lot like genpei.

 Genpei is a variegation state where one longitudinal half of a leaf is entirely variegated with no chlorophyll and the other half is solid green with no variegation. Generally, the ghost baby growths (yuurei) often come out from the variegated side, while solid green growths (ao) often do from the solid green side. So genpei specimens are not desirable from the viewpoint of growth stability… (source:

Surely enough my variegated pups appeared on the “white side” of the main growth:

White side of Neofinetia Keiga

Larger one looks fine, it has green stripe on the white side of the newest leaf. The smallest one looks suspiciously too white, hopefully the new leaf will have some green stripes, the ghost growth would be not very desirable…

Here is the side with all the green pups:

Green side of Neofinetia Keiga

If during the next re-potting one of the larger green growths will separate easily – I will pot it separately, I want to see if solid green fan alone would be able to produce a variegated pup. Probably not, but I am curious to confirm that….

Other than that it is an easy to grow and bloom plant, It flowers regularly with elegant white flowers typical for neos. Last blooming was in June 2020: